So you're thinking about local pickup... Here's some info for you to digest before you make the call!

I selected local pickup as my shipping option! What does this mean? 

Congratulations! This means you have decided to make the drive to our headquarters in Houston, Texas to come pick up the order you placed online! This option is 100% free but does require you to ride your car/bicycle/Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of it's own from Lindsay Lohan's hit film Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) to our office so please be prepared travel!

Great! Where do I go? 

Before you check out, our address will be shown so please feel free to look it up real quick before deciding to make the drive. If you decide to follow through with local pickup, your confirmation email should also include our address! 

I just placed my order for local pickup! Can I come by right away? 

Not quite yet! Please wait for a follow up email confirming that your order is ready for pickup! Orders are generally ready for pickup within 24 hours but can sometimes take a little less/more time depending on how swamped we are. Nevertheless, we will contact you as soon as it's ready! 

Got it! Can I come by anytime? 

Our pickup hours are as follows: 


If these hours do not work for you please reconsider selecting local pickup! At this time we do not offer weekend pickup hours. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your confirmation email! Don't worry, you don't have to print it out, you can just show it to us on your phone! And for the love of god, wear a mask. If you're not wearing a mask you won't be allowed into our office! This is non-negotiable.

Uh oh, I accidentally selected local pickup but turns out I can't make it. Can you just ship it to me instead?

Unfortunately if you're unable to pickup locally our best option is to cancel your order for a full refund, allowing you to place a new order to be shipped! 

Can I just come by and shop in person? 

Sadly no! At this time we're not really setup as a retail location and are only allowing visits for local pickup. Additionally, if you'd like to add anything to your order while you're here you'd have to place a new order online. 

What are the snack options at the office? Y'all got pretzels? 

We do but they are not for you. 

For all other questions please feel free to submit an inquiry through our CONTACT page!