Beloved by all.


"Overall, the line is about inclusion, not cinema-snob appeal."

Entertainment Weekly

"This indie apparel company has become a cinephile favorite."

Houston Chronicle

"Super Yaki knows nothing is too niche in the internet age."

Texas Monthly

"Over the years, the brand has grown into a destination where people can find items that proclaim their love for all varieties of movies, no matter how critically reviled."

Some nice things that nice people have said about us.

I've genuinely never had a better customer experience than with Super Yaki. Everybody involved with the operation is so friendly and lovely, and uniquely focused on providing a personalized experience to everyone who might be interested in their merchandise (which is also singularly well-designed). It's palpable that they love what they do, which makes it impossible not to love them, too.

-Karen H.

You guys are easily my favorite place to buy nerdy movie clothes from. Great prices, quick shipping, always the best quality. Also, your social media presence makes you guys hard not to love. 

-Brianna Z.

I wore my shirt twice in a week because its incredibly cute and I look banging in it. It is also incredibly high quality and possibly one of my favourite shirts.

-Sojourner M.

Some of my friends have them and I’ve seen them and I just think they’re incredible. All of those shirts are! I wanted to get the Rian Johnson one, because obviously, I’m a huge fan of Rian Johnson. But yeah, I’ve seen those. They’re really cool.

- Kelly Marie Tran

I always really want to like their stuff but they always takes it one step beyond where it should be and ruin it IMO. Dumb. Sorry.

- Twitter

0/10 will never buy. a name on a tshirt. can print that myself. try harder.

- Twitter

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