My First Movie: Vol. 2 is a trilogy of beautifully crafted board books that will take readers of all ages on a colorful journey through cinema history. Each book is a deep dive into an entireworld of films — from Spaghetti Westerns to Hollywood musicals to Yakuza movies — sure to delight grown-up movie fans as well as introduce little cinephiles to films they won’t be able to see until they’re much older. Written by Cory Everett and illustrated by Julie Olivi, the series is a loving tribute to some of the greatest genre films ever made.

My First Yakuza Movie is a stylish, kid-friendly introduction to Japanese crime movies featuring yakuzas, big time bosses, and more. It’s a criminally cool primer for cinephiles of all ages. Filled with nods to genre classics like Lady Snowblood and Tokyo Drifter, My First Yakuza Movie is a delirious love letter to one of cinema’s coolest genres. (Black shades not included.)

Illustrated by Julie Olivi

Measures 7" x 7" x .55"