Hey friends! You might've heard we're moving our headquarters to Los Angeles! If you didn't, well here's your PSA! Moving is stressful, so we thought we'd give you the whole picture as transparently as possible to help inform you and your decision to order from us!

Your last day to order from us online to ship the next day is this Thursday, 11/10, and the last day for local pick-up is this Friday, 11/11. And keep in mind we'll be completely out of office from Friday, 11/11 to Sunday, 11/20Any order made on or after Friday, 11/11 won't ship until we're settled in LA on Monday, 11/21 when we resume shipping and local pick-up from LA altogether! Please plan accordingly!

In case that wasn't concise enough, here's a handy dandy guide for you to reference the most important dates!