Folks, we cordially invite you to join us for the greatest cinematic event in human history, YAKIRAMA '23. Yakirama marks our first attempt at programming a four-movie mystery marathon, highlighting some of our favorites that might have otherwise been overlooked as the classics we believe them to be in our hearts. The good people at the beloved Frida Cinema are letting us take over their theater for a day. There will be action. There will be romance. There will be hot dogs. There will be themed drinks. And of course, there will be a full merch pop-up with exclusive availability. Join us for over 8 hours of pure popcorn cinema bliss.

100% of the ticket sales will go directly to The Frida Cinema, Orange County's only non-profit theater. The Frida Cinema is dedicated to enriching, connecting, and educating communities through the art of cinema! Tickets available now!